Rezt feat. Kelow LaTesha x Black Kray - OH MY


Rezt caps this year off with a seriously ridiculous Manitee produced banger. "OH MY" is one of those songs that finds itself in your head for days begging for repeats before you can even decide if you like it or not. Certainly off-kilter, there's no denying the infectiousness of this particular single. Kelow, Kelow LaTesha that is, nearly steals the show with a number of flow displays, melodic numbers and just flat out bars, that never take away from the uptempo crank. Black Kray shines as usual with one of his iciest verses of late, continuing his wrath of greatness. Rezt matches the offbeat crank with his own unique spin, on top of a ear-worm hook and closes out a truly interesting track. Expect a great 2016 from all of the aforementioned.