Josh Pan - Opus (IT G MA REMIX)

Oh man so many people have written about this track but I haven't read any of it so I'm gonna hope I don't retread anything that's already been said.

Josh Pan is a producer from New York who recently signed to Skrillex's label, OWSLA. His most recent song is Opus, which is a remix of Keith Ape's IT G MA (ft Waka Flocka Flame, Dumbfoundead, Father and A$AP Ferg). Pan's Opus also features rapper/singer/producer Anderson Paak and was co-produced by sakuraburst, Medasin, Oshi, X&G and MISOGI

Personally I break the song in to three parts, the first part being the IT G MA remix (0:00 - 8:40), the Anderson Paak feature (8:40 - 10:10 )and the "naturey" part(I'll explain this I swear).

The remix is great! It starts out real slowww like and then it catches you out of nowhere with this hard bass. I really loved the section with dumbfoundead's vocals, definitely a stand out moment for me here.

Anderon Paak's part is amazing. He comes with a flow that I can only describe as nimble and shouts out his crew, the Free Nationals.

 The next part sounds to me like something out of a movie man. Like the main character just climbed out of a cave or tunnel and just came out of it and in to the sunlight of a forest. But then it starts to glitch out and the character realizes it's all a simulation, which is right about when the vocals come in.