Sikai- D.R.U.G.S. In America (prod. Treadway)

I stumbled across this track via soundcloud and was thoroughly impressed with this 24-yeard old rap artist from Connecticut, who goes by the name of Sikai. He has been gaining local and internet attention since his initial buzz in 2009 with his genre-bending production syles and his quick-fire cadences. This track is one of his most recent drops. His last full length project " Painkillers & Energy Drinks"  with features from Joe Budden and French Montana just to name a few; it was inspired by his serious car accident a couple years back and chronicled his dependency on pain killers following the tragic event. After his second car related accident he finally got the wake up call he needed to start Painkilling Music Group and uses it as a platform to inspire others to use their passions to combat life afflictions. Enjoy.