If you have not been paying any attention to what been poppin in underground dj scene in the Bay Area in the past two years, you've been missing out. Depressed Teenager is a obscure artist, gaining notoriety for his introductions for his mixes; by using voicemails from actual depressed members of his fan base, Ham On Everything set appearances, and those tracks he did with artist Chippy Nonstop and Tragik (formerly known as Lady Tragik). He has the skill of blending up to five or more different genres such as; footwork, juke, bounce, moombahton, etc on certain releases and using beats from mainstream songs and condensing what could be a thirty minute mix into a matter of four minutes. Artwork covers flourished with his knack for internet humor and online self awareness. Contrary to his name, his tracks are music you can truly get hyped too. Thanks DEPRESSED TEENAGER for elevating the game one track at a time.