Matt McGhee - Hustle (Music Video)

After the release of his highly successful project 1920, Gram fam's own Matt McGhee links up with Guru Media Group to bring you the visuals for 'Hustle'. Be on the look out from more coming from Gram Fam real soon. 

Matt McGhee - Lotto Featuring Miles Meraki, rMell & Dizzy Gordo (Visuals)

As we continue our posts we missed on over the last month or 2 we wanted to share Matt McGhee's Lotto Featuring Miles Meraki, rMell & Dizzy Gordo. Not too much of a concept for the visuals but the song goes and it looked like they had fun. The track is off of Matt's 'Show' EP which u can peep on his sound cloud here.

Kasey Jones - Up Your Nose (feat. h a l f - e m p t y) Prod. Matt McGhee (Visuals)

Long overdue I know, but we are getting back on track by posting everything we missed that we feel like you need to know about. Gloss over the fact were a month late on this post, You need to see these visuals for 'Up Your Nose' by Kasey Jones and the 800 crew. the more we hear from this kid the more excited we are to see what he has coming next. Be on the look out for more from him and the 800 crew,I believe they have their first collective show in the DMV sometime in march. 

Kasey Jones- Haze (Prod. Matt Mcghee)

One of the few most promising artists out of the DMV area, Maryland based rappers Free Agent Kasey Jones aka 'Turtle Gawd' and GramFam's Matt McGhee teamed up for Episode 4, produced by Matt McGhee himself. Matt McGhee latest concept with releasing his bodies of work, depending solely on his fan base to tell him what they want him to drop, opting out of sending out any content to any online outlets, very interesting concept indeed. Kasey Jones took over for this episode and totally killed this track, just like he did on that infectious hook on Episode 3, which is only a month old and has over 20k listens on soundcloud. Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled.

Kasey Jones @kame_kami

Matt McGhee @mattmcGhee



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