SIR E.U - Fireday (Official Music Video) shot by Fxrbes

About a month and a half ago Maryland Standout SIR EU aka Steven aka Hippogod aka Justin released 'Madagascar' via  Bombay Knox. Today we release the visuals for the standout track 'Fireday' which features his own hard hitting production as well as visuals by Miami visual artists Fxrbes. Be on the lookout for more from EU and check out 'Madagascar' below.

Little Pain - "L.I.T.T.L.E." Shot by @ELEVATOR_

The homie Little Pain is back with his newest visuals for  'L.I.T.T.L.E.' Produced by TJ. His new mixtape 'L.I.T.T.L.E.' is dropping soon. 

LIL B- Ultimate Bitch (mixtape)

The legendary Based God just released his highly anticipated mixtape Ultimate Bitch, featuring this summers widely acclaimed "No Black Person is Ugly" Lil B's charismatic take on how society's outlook about the way they view the black community and much recently talked about track "Freedom O Freedom". You can download the mixtape here

Ultimate Bitch:

01 The Ultimate (Intro)
02 Gucci Shotgun
03 Freedom O Freedom
04 No Black Person Is Ugly
05 Oakland to Berkeley
06 This Is the Game
07 Love Buyin Pussy
08 Way Mo Young
09 Think Im BasedGod Remix
10 Ima Barber
11 Rick Ross
12 Sellin of Skinny
13 For the BasedGod
14 Swag My Bitch Up
15 They Want B
16 Pretty Boy Music 2015
17 Pull Out Dah Yoppa
18 Booty Talk
19 2 Rich to Pimp
20 Rent Due
21 Girl When I Want You


Denis Haze- Edgar Allen Poe (video)

This rare video escaping from the HAZEREALM of DENIS HAZE, the sword welding 19 year old haze- hop artist from Fort Washington, Maryland. Using his rare approach to fashion, lyricism, to capture the attention of his audience and gaining notoriety of those catchy adlibs and the very rare dance that he does, in the area. In the video DENIS HAZE feels very uneasy and schizophrenic because he does not know what is real, he feels the fake people and Abigail Collins are out to get him, This paranoia gets worse as the apparition "ABIGAIL COLLINS" 1st form reappears .

The song is intended to pay homage to the late great writer Edgar Allan Poe, another great export from Maryland. 


NSFW/ Lofty305 x Torus- ECHOSEXXX

MetroZu member Lofty305 just released this beautifully done visual for ECHOSEXXX, produced under the direction of filmmaker Clement Oberto; a dreamy, artsy, hotel wasteland fantasy of female body positivity and empowerment in the realm of lush neon lights.