SIR E.U - Fireday (Official Music Video) shot by Fxrbes

About a month and a half ago Maryland Standout SIR EU aka Steven aka Hippogod aka Justin released 'Madagascar' via  Bombay Knox. Today we release the visuals for the standout track 'Fireday' which features his own hard hitting production as well as visuals by Miami visual artists Fxrbes. Be on the lookout for more from EU and check out 'Madagascar' below.

Seven Jackson "ZETA"


"ZETA" is the Greek  numerical value of the number seven, which is a clever and obvious play on his name. Well known from bringing his rather esoteric style laced with occultism in his lyrics complimenting his hard hitting trap beats that reflective of the lifestyle that it derived from.  This project is packed with enthralling samples and production from KayHeem, $$NN, SHVRVS along with Lord Java (SMG); that leads in the frame work for featured artists such as Sir E.U, Bucky Malone, Solo the Mi$fit, and Pacman & Pe$o to cultivate a truly menacingly great record.

Available for download here 



Bombay Knox x Kool Klux Klan recording artist Sir E.U releases his much anticipated Bombay Knox Debut 'Madagascar'. Featuring a ton of his own production as well as production from Kisaitsb, N.O.M.A.D., and Queen Geedorah. Let us know what you think, and check out the video for 'Nike Boy' as well as the flyer for SIR E.U's NYC Release show on November 5th. Stream the project below or download it here.

A$AP Rocky - Multiply (Featuring Legendary Footwork from Yung Gleesh)

New music video from A$AP Rocky for 'Multiply', track goes back to his roots from 'Live, Love A$AP". The track features a hook reminiscent of 'Stay Fly' by Three 6 Mafia, as well as an intro by Juicy J himself. But the real reason to watch this video is DC's own Yung Gleesh cameo, out of nowhere he shows up for a footwork solo and kills it. Hopefully we can see a A$AP x Gleesh collab sometime in the near future. 

Moth- Sheepgoat (prod. by VVX)

A dark time in the underground, this eerie and suspenseful track is great to commit wicked crimes too. Not much is known about this artist, I did digging and the only information I could scrounge up from the internet is this kid based out of Florida. I don't even know if Moth is considered a alias of the account Seldom A. Human but the track goes in.