Sui Blue 'Lucky Us' EP

In November I went on a life changing trip out west, to throw several events as well as clear my mind of my life out east. In the process of throwing these events i met my brother lil Ed who introduced me to his friend Sui Blue. After listening to his music i was immediately captured, Ive spent the last couple days trying to figure out the best way to describe what his music means to me, but after reading his description I believe he did a better job then I could. More music coming very soon, more Sui Blue as well. - JR

"'Lucky Us' is a collection of songs that have helped me cope and remain calm through everything that has happened within this past year. Although some parts are about the heart break i felt from my mom's death, the tape is about the loss of love. It's about the one i wanted but couldn't have, it's about being there but not fully present because something bigger than you isn't allowing it. I loved her and she broke me. I hope someone somewhere feels something when listening to this." - Sui Blue