Bones - Skinny (MixTape)

Los Angeles rapper Bones drops his new project "Skinny."  The 17 track tape builds on his eerie and macabre sound and signature artistic anonymity.  


We're gearing up for our Bones show this upcoming saturday, this will be the only Maryland/DC/Virginia show on the SESHALLOWATERBOYZ tour. He released the long awaited mixtape Garbage recently, with features from Xavier Wulf, Chris Travis and Eddy Baker, all of whom are headlining the tour with him.  His work has been lauded as dark, eerie, and on the moodier side of, quote on quote "progressive internet rap". One of the many admirable traits of his new release; is his ability to blend acoustic guitar melodies on "LayMeInTheRiver", alongside somber trap beats with flourishes of hardcore vocals "IfYouHadAZuneIHateYou" featuring Spooky Black. Garbage sits roughly at 33 minutes with 17 tracks averaging about two minutes in length, and is a solid testament to his range as an artist. -DC-CRIME