Why Fi- "The Most Whyreless" EP

Whyreless: the concept of living one’s life free of restrictions and limitations in order to achieve self actualization and ultimate happiness. One can become “whyreless” by simply cutting ties with conformity, complacency and minimalistic desires in the attempt to want, need, and do better (for oneself as well as for others).
— Why Fi is simply "The Most Whyreless"

Not A Collective member, Why-Fi bid the DMV area good bye and traded his surroundings for the rays of California sunshine. But before he left us hanging here on the East Coast, he decided to reintroduce us with a brand-new sound and approach to creating as he embarks on a new direction with his music. A statement project that brings to our attention his ideals on stepping away from dark depths of willingness to conform to societal restrictions. The Most Whyreless gives you lush immersive soundscapes glazing over your ear drums with in-house producers High Klassified, Mae, Kazmi, Bluseph. Garmenian, High Class Filth & MKSB at the helm churning in the background; featuring N.A.C members Bluesph and Nigel Frank, and NeroScream. Why Fi definitely has a strong capability orchestrating an highly enjoyable project. 

DC-CRIME,the writer formerly known as DEATH


THRAXXHOUSE member and Team Sesh affiliate COLD HART  of Long Beach, California, who also releases music under the moniker Lil JayYeah  as a producer. Gearing up for his album Missed Calls  which is slated to be released  this month, the first single that was dropped "CANDL3LIGHT" produced by PHVNTXM .

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DNNE$$- Ashes 2 Ashes

DNNE$$ is a 22 year old rapper based out of Carson, CA has been making the rounds on Soundcloud; his latest releases averaging about 25k plus listens. His interest in making music started when he was 17 and grown take his craft much more seriously at the age of 19, honing in on his distinct melancholy- yet experimental production styles that fit his lyrical agility. Discussing super relatable topics such as hustling for your money by any means necessary and being humble enough to recognize that we don't always have it and of course drugs. I definitely look forward to his upcoming BRING OUT THE LIQUOR EP, he has also been confirmed to lend his talents to one of our projects.

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