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Jahrahmf- 1% (Mixtape)







Straight from South Florida one of half the rap duo Nobodies, JahRahMF released his mixtape or whatever you want to call it "1%", it been released a while ago and I'm making up for the lost time. Been loosely following his work as a producer for a while now and this project is one of his best releases. Using his skills in range as a producer and as a artist  "1%" is showy representation of what else is currently cooking up in Florida. Featuring artists K-Cee L, Nobodies, Savage Jay The ArtGod, AyeeeJohnJay, and production from Grizzly Squad and Gwenael Barre.

Most notable tracks: Highly Unlikely, Proportions, Moth -Ghutter ft Jah, Stein (The Madness)

Chaz French - LMGLML (Feat. Goldlink)

With His 3rd Leak From His Highly Anticipated Mixtape "Happy Belated". DMV Recording Artist Chaz French Release's "LMGLML (Let Me Go, Let Me Live)". W/ Production By Kris Minor And Vocals From Fellow DMV Artist GoldLink. "Happy Belated" Is Slated To Drop Sometime September 2014.

More Music From Chaz French Via. Soundcloud.

DJ Shadow- Liquid Amber EP

DJ Shadow (born Josh Davis) is widely credited as a key figure in developing the experimental instrumental hip-hop style associated with the London-based Mo’ Wax label. I was super excited to see that he dropped this amazing three song project that is the precursor his new imprint Liquid Amber via soundcloud. The track 'Six Days (MachineDrum Remix)' has been on constant repeat and has been sort of my personal battle hymn of the tension building in Ferguson, Missouri.  His work has electronic adaptions of elements of hip hop and always experimental with sets coexisting with the rise of trap, juke, and the fledgling beat scene, catching the ear of large-scale EDM icons such as Diplo and Bassnectar who also straddle those lines.

Here's what he had to say about the project:

I'm pleased to announce THE LIQUID AMBER EP. This single/EP serves as the opening salvo in what I hope is a long string of music, by myself and others, on my new imprint: LIQUID AMBER. There's two new songs, "Ghost Town" and "Mob," and a nifty remix of "Six Days" by Machinedrum.

"Ghost Town" is an ambitious ride through many of the micro-genres within the Future Bass umbrella that have inspired me recently, while "Mob" is an intentionally stripped-down, Cali-certified head-nodder. Both songs were written, programmed, and mixed by myself, and they represent the forward steps I feel I've taken as an engineer. The "Six Days" remix was something I asked Machinedrum to knock out as a tour weapon, and he crushed it (naturally), so I felt it deserved a proper release.

I'm excited about this music and the new imprint, and I really appreciate everyone's time and consideration.

-DJ Shadow




Cakes Da Killa 'Hunger Pangs'

For those who aren't hip to the queer spectrum of Hip Hop and the artists that have been making major moves in the underground and appearing on borderline mainstream platforms. You're truly missing out. CUNT MAFIA affiliate, New Jersey based rapper Cakes Da Killa most recent mixtape Hunger Pangs was released via Mishka NYC label and has received praises from Pitchfork, Mass Appeal as well as various media outlets. Fresh off his last release The Eulogy  through Mishka NYC, he's back with even more lyrical intensity, amped up, and confrontational.


Taylor Dunn-Supreme

Taylor Dunn is a 24 year-old producer/ rapper based out of Philadelphia, the music video is for his recent single Supreme produced by Philth Spector from his latest mixtape, Collective theory.  Heavily influenced by boom rap 0f the 90's and jazz infused beat choices, he demonstrates the ability to glide easily between to gritty lyricism of the East Coast to the charismatic playfulness of the West Coast. If you liked the video as much as I did, you can stream his whole project here  via soundcloud and give it a couple spins.