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Rejjie Snow - "i will still keep u (interlude)"

Alex Anyaegbunam, aka Rejjie Snow an Irish rapper based in Dublin recently came out with a new single titled "i will still keep u (interlude)." It's been nearly a year since Rejjie Snow dropped any new material, and yet his most recent track maintains the familiar jazzy aesthetic often ascribed to the articulate rapper. Similar to his last track "Nights Over Georgia," Rejjie Snow's soft but sweet song experiments more with singing as opposed to rap.


You should definitely be on the lookout for more material coming soon from Rejjie Snow.

VYV NATION- "SKY MUSIC" album + "Levitate" (video)

VYV Nation consist of humble young creative artists and visionaries from Waldorf, Maryland who share common goals and interests, unified by a strong view of life. The band started in Waldorf, Maryland in early months of 2014 born not to long ago and was created by Maryann Taruc, 20 years old, born in Olongapo, Philippines, known as Yann or YannBanga. She is VYV's engineer, director and singer. The group is led by VYV Rap-Artist, Just, Randy Woodland, 21, from Lexington Park, Maryland. There is also have Cam ,Cameron Fuller, 24, also from Lexington Park Maryland. He is VYV Rap-Artist and film director. Then there's Zambo, aka Devin White, 20,  from Shreveport, Louisiana, VYV Rap Artist and other members including non-musical members. 

SKY MUSIC, an album consisting of 13 songs recorded from VYV artist, Just aka EugenethaJinx. It also features VYV Artists, Yann and Zambo.  "SKY MUSIC" promises to take you into their dimension, show you how they perceive their surroundings and shares their journey in finding inner peace and spiritual self. You could call the genre in which they identify with as "high music", since most of their work admittedly has been created under the influences of psychedelics. They are the ones to watch closely this year with their imaginative video concepts and Yann's hand in production. 

Find them here:


DC-CRIME, the writer formerly known as DEATH 

DNNE$$- Ashes 2 Ashes

DNNE$$ is a 22 year old rapper based out of Carson, CA has been making the rounds on Soundcloud; his latest releases averaging about 25k plus listens. His interest in making music started when he was 17 and grown take his craft much more seriously at the age of 19, honing in on his distinct melancholy- yet experimental production styles that fit his lyrical agility. Discussing super relatable topics such as hustling for your money by any means necessary and being humble enough to recognize that we don't always have it and of course drugs. I definitely look forward to his upcoming BRING OUT THE LIQUOR EP, he has also been confirmed to lend his talents to one of our projects.

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Member of Southern Maryland based collective BROTHERHOOD, Brandyn Jaye aka OWLKINGLORD  releases a hip hop/alternative mixtape titled "Nine or xxx xxx xxx"; featuring production from Suede Moccasins, CEEMAJOR, and Sol_DayLahhh it's been in the making for almost a year. It documents the internal battles between good and evil within the mind of this 22 year old alcoholic/sex addict. Nine represents the OWLKINGLORD's evil persona, the demon in disguise as he fools women into falling in love with his dark energy. But when the sun rises OWLKINGLORD is also human and starts to regret everything he has ever done wrong.


The GROOVY GOD aka Beau Young Prince just dropped some new visuals for 'Smoke A Blunt' today on Earmilk.com. Ive heard several track off his new project at recent events, and I can tell you his new tape 'Groovy God' is gonna make some noise. It is premiering august 26, 2014 on earmilk.com