king hippo

Ciscero - Never Make It feat. SIR E.U (Prod. by Subdaio)

Ciscero has been dropping some gems lately. 'Never make it' is another offering from Cis featuring SIR E.U of the notorious Kool Klux Klan. They both body this track, I have heard a few more cuts from Ciscero that he has in the stash, your gonna way keep your ears and eyes open for those. Also if you didnt get a chance to listen to 'Oh Aight' wit Cal Rips peep it here.

THROWBACK THURSDAY -- SIR E.U. - After F ft. Avionadramida


in honor of our first throwback thursday with the site I had to post this. If you haven't heard this then stop reading this and do so. RIP Avionadramida - JR