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Denis Haze- " Haze Hop '93"

Crawling out from the depths of the HAZE REALM and out of his slumber; reminding us that the quest continues to defeat that dreadful apparition ABIGAIL COLLINS. Given us some groovy old school vibes on this track, his quote worthy ad-lib's and that often awkward flow of his that teeters on obnoxious. Denis Haze is one of the few artists that I have come across with a definitive concept as an artist that directly uses a cultural icon as point of reference, much less a literary one such as the poet, Edgar Allen Poe. Something I was much akin to in the metal scene. But it works perfectly for him, at first glance it's hard to compare the two if you disregard the fact they are both from Maryland. But both are storytellers with penchant for tales of mystery and horror that communicates more through emotion and drama, to which Denis Haze uses his ad-libs at key points to symbolize rage and inter conflict and who knows what ABIGAIL COLLINS truly represents to him. It's easy to get distracted by the legendary "AHH FUCK" that often fades in and out, his whispers and background inflections, and vocal samples but it all serves a purpose to express his state of mind. 

Check out his latest visual

DC-CRIME, the writer formerly known as DEATH

Bucky Malone- "Dirty Bitch Freestyle" (prod. ICYTWAT)

Fa$t Life Militia ring leader Bucky Malone, of Virginia recently released a new track called "Dirty Bitch Freestyle" over some killer production by the infamous ICYTWAT. Bucky Malone aka Little Tokyo has been working hard bring his team to the forefront in the rap game, and has consistently shown lyricial versatility and in his choices in production. He's came a long way in his development as an artist since his first mixtape's such as That Boy From The Road and L.I.F.E. 2 (The Rise Of Little Tokyo) with a nice amount of professional accomplishments under his belt as well. If you enjoyed this banger definitely check out his latest album Don't Stre$$ produced by Chad Genius. Salute to yah boy! 

Click the link here to download    Don't Stre$$

DC-CRIME, the writer formerly known as DEATH

Fly Anakin - Mirrors_Episode. 1 (Prod. Ewonee .) [EP]

Richmond, Virginia Recording Artist And Mutant Academy Representer Fly Anakin Releases His Long Awaited EP "Mirrors_Episode. 1". With Melodic And 90's Influenced Production From New York City's Own Ewonee . Anakin's Energy And Lyricism Is The Breath Of Fresh Air The Game's Been Missing.

 More Music Via. Soundcloud

Kali Uchis- Know What I Want (video)

Kali Uchis of Alexandria, Virginia just released her self-directed visuals for her track "Know What I Want" produced by Bunx off her highly anticipated album Por Vida which includes collaborations with Diplo and Tyler, the Creator, among others. She has been gaining notoriety this past year including a spread from The Fader Magazine and various outlets and was received with open arms in the underground scene in California. We wish nothing but the best for our golden girl.

You can find her here:

@KALIUCHIS -twitter 

LIL B- Ultimate Bitch (mixtape)

The legendary Based God just released his highly anticipated mixtape Ultimate Bitch, featuring this summers widely acclaimed "No Black Person is Ugly" Lil B's charismatic take on how society's outlook about the way they view the black community and much recently talked about track "Freedom O Freedom". You can download the mixtape here

Ultimate Bitch:

01 The Ultimate (Intro)
02 Gucci Shotgun
03 Freedom O Freedom
04 No Black Person Is Ugly
05 Oakland to Berkeley
06 This Is the Game
07 Love Buyin Pussy
08 Way Mo Young
09 Think Im BasedGod Remix
10 Ima Barber
11 Rick Ross
12 Sellin of Skinny
13 For the BasedGod
14 Swag My Bitch Up
15 They Want B
16 Pretty Boy Music 2015
17 Pull Out Dah Yoppa
18 Booty Talk
19 2 Rich to Pimp
20 Rent Due
21 Girl When I Want You