spooky black

Spooky Black- Leaving EP

Spooky Black is back with a new EP for us to vibe too, he gained a lot of favorable attention and a lot of confusion about his aesthetic on his last project Black Silk. Which in my opinion took to much away from how talented he truly is. Staying true to his persona the Leaving EP  picks up right where here left off with Black Silk, full with emotional romantic angst and experimenting with R & B. His critics will be pleased with the production and his consistency of his vocals and his core fan base will surely eat it up. It is in the second day of being released and already the average song is 20k plus listens on Soundcloud. Enjoy!

Spooky Black - Without You (Official Music Video)

I'll admit im probably late on this but Spooky Black is a dope singer out of St. Paul, Minnesota. To answer your questions off the bat, yes he is wearing a durag pretty much the whole video, as well as a matching outfit for each durag and a rare Fubu jersey, and video at first glance reminds you of Yung Lean, however do not compare him to Yung Lean. This kid can flat out sing, some may call it simp music, which may have some truth but once you peep this video and his soundcloud your not gonna be able to take Spooky Black out of rotation. I am looking forward to what this kid does next. - JR