Loochie, a 21 year old artist who is apart of the collective DEVDLVND SET that is based out of Virginia Beach, VA. He functions as the Engineer/Graphic Designer alongside his cohorts SkwabOg Skii, and Olskoo; all of whom just started making music together at the tail end of summer 2014. Which would explain the rather "rough around the edges" production on his debut EP, but it fits the rather dark and gritty persona that has been mulling about on the internet these days. The sound quality on this particular record definitely reminds of the situations where the artist's online catalog, may not give the full scope of how well they end up performing the tracks live on stage. Most fresh artists do tend to succeed well live, never the less it's a pretty solid impression of what is the foundation of the collective's sound. Loochie enlists all of his fellow members to assist his eight track long ep DEVD. With production credits from rising internet interest John Mello, fellow DEVDLVND member Skwab, GRXVES, Crock,  oG' Yizzle, Snook, os-x, Mikexanax, and Aliengawd. I am interested to see how will he add as artist upon this current style trend in underground.

Check out the 'DEVD' EP and the collective's recent compilation tape 'DEVDLVND DCLXVI VOL. II'. Their next release "The Craft" drops February. 

DC-CRIME, the writer formerly known as DEATH

Moth- Sheepgoat (prod. by VVX)

A dark time in the underground, this eerie and suspenseful track is great to commit wicked crimes too. Not much is known about this artist, I did digging and the only information I could scrounge up from the internet is this kid based out of Florida. I don't even know if Moth is considered a alias of the account Seldom A. Human but the track goes in.

KirbLaGoop: Damn Kirb

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I had the chance of meeting and chilling with Sarasota, Florida’s up and coming rapper, KirbLaGoop on the day of his first show.  After 100 Trynna Kill Me, it went all uphill for him, he even described it as happening over night and he consistently keeps making more hits in his latest projects: Adventures of Captain 66, Florida Boi and in the anticipated new mixtape Nascar Jackets And Bo’z with MaxDotBeats that is to be released very soon. With an extremely catchy and animated adlib game, you heard it throughout the crowd as his fans waited for each song on the set list, but the adlibs are just the tip of the iceberg. Kirb’s very vivid lyrics describing his lawlessness, his collabs with other artists like Dank God, Black Smurf, AviTwat and Ruben Slikk, and his beat selection produced by many such as Keenanza, Pentagrvm, Mello, etc. are what makes everyone get buck to his tracks. If you thought his shit went hard while you bump it in the car, it goes harder live enticing you to mosh. His unique music has been making its way to the top of the underground scene and more just keeps coming. Boom Boom!

How did things start changing for you after 100 Trynna Kill Me blew up?

That shit changed the game for me, it was a good feeling because it made me realize that I was really being heard, like damn they listenin’.

Why did you start making music as KirbLaGoop and not DJ Kirby?

DJ Kirby was just some chopped and screwed shit back when I was with Big Dipper Clique but I always been rapping but back then it used to be more for fun.  After I got out of jail around 2012, I started to take rapping more seriously, I was like “this all I got left, hope I make it”, and now I’m here.

What is the most important thing to you?

My momma, real shit.

What or who inspires you?

The New Orleans rap scene and Juvenile. Juvenile is a big inspiration, I fuck with 400 Degreez hard.

When do you feel the most creative?

Foreal, I don’t even know how to describe it. It just comes to me; I hear a tight beat and it just flows naturally like with Ounces and Ion Juug No Mo.

Has anybody ever had to push you to make music?

Not yet. I been had times when I know I’m slackin’ but the only way my music is going to be heard is by being consistent. I just gotta keep putting new shit out there.

What are the principles you live by?

Keeping shit 100 thousand and riding 1Deep. Always gotta live by your word.

What is your writing process like?

I’m always smokin’ and just go with the flow and keep the flow going. Doesn’t take much.

How do you separate yourself from other artists?

Just be Kirb. I don’t flex and I don’t hate.

If you can work with anyone who would you want to work with?

Definitely Lil B but foreal Yung Thug too.

What have you been listening to lately?

I’ve been fuckin’ with Goth Money, they boomin’.

How do you plan on growing as an artist?

Stayin’ 100THOU$AND.

Is it true that Kirb love tha hoez?

Yes, I do. I truly do.

Any shoutouts?

Everyone I rap with, all my producers. They know who they are, they fam.



Xenia Ortez